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Your Blog’s Traffic

Of course, you know that blogging is a great way to make money these days. And every article on how to make a blog make money says traffic is what does it all. So what is traffic? Before you sign up for any blog service, know what you’re targeting.

When people talk about traffic, they often don’t know the line between mere hits and visits that actually do the blog good. Hits will only mean the number of times that a user seeks information on a site. It could be a request for an image, a video or text and the person can actually keep making that request and each time, it will be counted as a hit. Now you know why hits just aren’t reliable indicators of blog performance.

In other words, when you consider traffic, you have to take into account what your readers actually do while visiting your blog. Then you can work from there. For example, what is the average amount of time they spend on your blog? That is a much better sign of how things are actually going. When your reader clicks away in a matter of seconds, there is definitely a problem in there. Look into the actual page they usually exit from and examine what could need a fixing.

Maybe your design is too loud or maybe your page or pages appear unorganized. Maybe you’ve been using inappropriate keywords and driving the wrong people to your page. Remember that keywords are always crucial when you want traffic. In fact, looking closely into them allows you to look into what your readers actually want from you and what drives them. If you suspect that you might be having problems around this part, you certainly have to look closer and pinpoint what’s wrong. Otherwise, you could be pouring your efforts down the drain.

You can also look into which of your posts have gotten the most visits and comments. From there, you would know what approaches to your topics work best and you can try to use them more often for your future posts. For example, if you noticed that you did very well on posts where you added a lot of pictures, take that cue. Make it a point to have pictures on each of your posts. Just make sure these images are appropriate for the topic or they could easily backfire on you.

There are other behavior patterns you can observe while studying your traffic. However, they will all work to highlight the good things you’ve been doing so you can reinforce them and the bad so you could change or improve them. When you blog to express yourself, you?re obviously not obligated to anyone but you. But when you’re blogging to make money, you actually owe your readers your full commitment. After all, how can you expect to make money with blog posts that are inconsistent? Your readers need to know that you’ll always be there or they just won’t find the point in following you.

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2 Responses to “Your Blog’s Traffic”

  1. lawmacs says:

    This is a brilliant article i good not have said it better. I guess its fair to say keywords and contents and not just contents but relevant ones can help do the trick to drive the right topics to our site
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Content Or Page Rank =-.

  2. Elijah says:

    In all honesty, I’ve almost never paid attention to stats of any kind. Sure at the end of each month a take a sneak at my Awstats to see what the last 30 days looked like, to identify spikes etc.. but hits are worthless to me, and you laid out exactly why.

    Good post.
    .-= Elijah´s last blog ..Elijah’s Idiot-Free Halloween Guide For 2009 =-.

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