Honest Riches – Number one resource I would reccomend if you are new to making money online or are still not making money online.  Holly’s book contains numerous chapters on the different ways to achieve the financial freedom online that you desire.

NameCheap – Just as the name says cheaper domain names

Bluehost – The hosting company I use and recommend.  Bluehost has tremendously good customer service which is crucial when you are new to building blogs or websites.

Host Gator – Another hosting company that I do not currently use but has been highly recommended to me by others.


Aweber –  The best and most reliable autoresponder service.  They like Bluehost have great customer service.


2 thoughts on “Tools

  1. I can vouch for Hostgator. They are outstanding as a host especially for internet marketers. Everything they do seems like it was designed for us. Well everything except Cron jobs. I had one beef with them about that one time. But really they are simply outstanding.

    I use Godaddy too. But Godaddy is a huge PITA for internet marketers. There are a lot of scripts out there that will not work if you run them on a Godaddy hosted domain. I really can’t believe that for such a well known heavy hitter in the industry that they have not embraced the major internet marketers who own hundreds of websites.

    As I expand my little empire, I will consider BlueHost as a new candidate to spread around the IP ranges more.

  2. Great I am glad I got an additional person who can vouch for hostgator. If I need a new host or if you say I expand:) I will still keep them in mind!

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