The Google Sandbox

google sandboxThe Google Sandbox is talked about often in the online world among internet marketers, SEO experts, and many others.  It is always in debate because basically The Google Sandbox is a theory.

Basically, the sandbox is when Google does not allow a new website to rank for a certain keyword.  The theory is that a new website should not be considered to have as much quality as an older one.  This site is placed in a type of “sandbox” for a few months.

According to the theory this only happens with certain keywords, however no one really knows what those keywords are.  Therefore many new sites may be sandboxed, however what I also understand is that it does not happen very often.

So how can you tell if you have been sandboxed?  Basically, your new site should show up within three weeks, if not then you may have been sandboxed.

The good thing about the sandbox is it gives people such as long term bloggers an advantage because their site is not shot down from some new site that is just not a good of quality.  The bad is that if you are in certain niches and start a new site it may be sandboxed just because it is new.  Below is a video with a little more information about the Google Sandbox:

So, what is your knowledge on the Google sandbox and your thoughts on it?

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  1. I have had plenty of experience with the Google Sandbox. In my experience you will sandbox a new site if you build enough links for it that do not actually deliver any traffic. So, in other words, if your new post somehow manages to get 1000 bookmarks from a wide variety of social bookmark sites, but yet you haven’t had more than say 100 real visitors to the site yet, then there are pretty good odds that you are headed straight for the sandbox.

    I have had this happen on domains that were a couple years old as well. It seems that as the domain gets older, this is less likely to occur. I’m not sure what the mechanism is for tripping the filter, but I think it has something to do with ratios of links to traffic levels.

    If you have a legit site that naturally earns thousands of links because it is getting many thousands of visitors right away, I don’t think it will trip the filter. I suppose only Google people know the mechanism.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Why Are You Still Using No Follow On Your Blog Comments =-.

  2. Hey Jenny,

    Is there any way to tell if you’re sandboxed ? The bots are regularly visiting my site even though it’s still new, and I’m ranking for a couple of bogus keywords, but according to Market Samurai I am not ranking at all for some of the more focused ones.

    Maybe I just answered my own question.

    What do you think ?

    .-= Neil´s last blog ..Working From Home – I’m not there yet =-.

  3. As far as I have read and what I have learned from others Neil is that if your site is not ranking for certain keywords but is ranked for others and indexed in the search engines you have not been sandboxed. Some keywords are just so competitive that you won’t rank for awhile.

    Again this is what I have read and learned from others and once again the sandbox is theory and varies from each site I read and person I talk to. I hope that helps a little:)

  4. Thanks Kathy that is good info to know, I like hearing from someone who has had experience with the sandbox, and I believe you are right only the Google Gods know …..LOL

  5. Hey Cindy your right it is fair to some extent except for those people out there who may have a legit site and just rubbed Google the wrong way;)

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