Taking Time Out to Learn – Finding a Balance

As some can tell, I don’t blog daily much of the time. The reason for this is not for lack of desire but more for the lack of time. I have been using much of my time to learn instead of blog. I believe I need to take time to balance so I do blog everyday, however there is so much material out there to learn, I take my time to learn it.

With the ever changing online world it is difficult to keep up with knew things. There are always new tips on SEO, blogging, and making money online that assist an individual if they take the time to learn it. So that is exactly what I have been doing, learning as much as I can.

Finding a balance between learning and blogging is difficult. I can get engrossed in a project and the next thing you know; it is the end of the day. However, if I learn to establish a kind of schedule I am sure I can balance them both.

The purpose of this post:

The actual reason I am writing this is to find out what techniques others used to balance there time between blogging and learning. I thought about asking Melinda over at Simple Home Organization her opinion, I figure if she can organize a home she can organize her time… lol.

Another reason for the post is to ask about what others are learning. Over the past month I have learned from some great materials and some downright crappy ones. So I am asking are there any recommendations on some good materials that I could learn from especially in the area of SEO?

So please drop me a comment or contact me if you have any resources or advice. And yes you can even drop an affiliate link if you have used it and recommend it:)

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  1. Well, I usually teach myself and blog about what I learned at the same time. That way I am doing condensing my work, you know?

    As far as SEO, I have a plugin suggestion possibly. If you aren’t already using it, I would try out Greg’s High Performance SEO. I swithed over from All in One and my site is noticebly faster now.
    .-= Wayne Howard´s last blog ..Facebook – The New King of Advertising =-.

  2. Anytime you want advice from me, please feel free to ask. You can either ask on my blog, ask via my contact page or just send me an email. I am willing to share any and all secrets that I have learned with friends like you. I don’t publish everything on my blog. There are some things that you would be nuts to publish openly.

    The secret to SEO for competitive keywords is having a better source of links than your competition. It is very easy for two competing sites to have pages with nearly perfect on-page SEO. The thing that will separate the two is which website has more keyword authority for that niche and which page has the better link.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..The Ultimate Method For Making Money Online =-.

  3. Thanks Kathy I really appreciate it and I will be contacting you for advice. Thanks for the SEO advice as well and once again thanks for your offer and I take you up on it!

  4. This can be very time consuming may i suggest you have something like a time table you should allocate time to write say you may write in the morning then comment in the evening and do you learning schedule in the midday just a thought sis oh but you need to set the amount of time you want to spend on each during the day
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Round Up – Spreading The Love =-.

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