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Are You Building A List Yet?

I always hated to hear over and over “ the money is in the list”  , I didn’t so much hate the saying but that know one explained the best way to build a list. Although there are numerous ways to go about list building, I have found JV’s to be easy to understand a […]


Latest JV Giveaway Launches

About a week ago I wrote a post entitled what a JV giveaway was, if you would like to review it you can find it here .  In short, a JV Giveaway is where you can get free digital products such as ebooks, reports, videos etc.  You get these for free just by becoming […]


What Is A JV Giveaway?

You may have heard or seen numerous JV giveaways going on and may wonder… what the heck are they? JV stands for joint venture.  A JV giveaway is when marketers join together to give away free products.  The marketers that give away these products are also known as contributors. During what is known as the […]

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