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Are You Building A List Yet?

I always hated to hear over and over “ the money is in the list”  , I didn’t so much hate the saying but that know one explained the best way to build a list.

Although there are numerous ways to go about list building, I have found JV’s to be easy to understand a great way to build a list quicker then waiting on your own site to receive enough hits.

If you are interested in learning about JV’s and staying updated on the lastest ones that are going on you can join the JV list.


Latest JV Giveaway Launches

jv giveaways

About a week ago I wrote a post entitled what a JV giveaway was, if you would like to review it you can find it here .  In short, a JV Giveaway is where you can get free digital products such as ebooks, reports, videos etc.  You get these for free just by becoming a member.

Below is a short list of those that have launched or will be launching this month:

The Summertime JV Giveaway – already launched and goes until Monday July 20, 2009 until 11:59 EDT.  You can get your products here


What Is A JV Giveaway?

jv giveaways

You may have heard or seen numerous JV giveaways going on and may wonder… what the heck are they?

JV stands for joint venture.  A JV giveaway is when marketers join together to give away free products.  The marketers that give away these products are also known as contributors.

During what is known as the pre-launch, contributors sign up, most of the time for free, to list their product.  Depending on the JV giveaway, contributors can sign up anytime during its duration.

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