Annual Tapping World Summit

annual tapping world summitThe Annual Tapping World Summit is coming up. This event has been held for years by Nick Ortner and the Tapping Solution.  It is online, at no charge, and teaches you the Emotional Freedom technique. This process can help you eliminate blocks and barriers that are holding you back.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as EFT.  The Tapping Solution and Nick Ortner have been teaching people this process to improve their lives.  I use this process and I must say it is extremely effective.


What is EFT Tapping?

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a process of tapping through a set of meridians while using statements or affirmations. What this process does is allows you to bypass the area of your brain that keeps limiting beliefs and negative thoughts safe.

The technique can help in all areas of your life. You can use tapping to reduce stress, improve your health, and event create abundance and stop procrastination.

Annual Tapping World Summit 2018

Each year of this event keeps getting better. Here is how the summit works. For a period of 10 days you will have access to trainings. These trainings will be available for 24 hours.  They are short enough to get through while still being packed with information.

The trainings cover a wide variety of topics from some of the world’s leading experts that show you how to use this technique. This event is very different. You do not just attend and hear theories.  You actually leaving learning how to use the process.


Does EFT Tapping Work?

There is science behind this process, most of it will be shared during the 10 days.  That being said here is a bit of how EFT works.

Tapping sends calming signals to the  stress center of the brain, allowing both the body and brain to release limiting beliefs. These can be from childhood on and are not limited to any type of experience. For example, if you have restrictive beliefs about money, you can tap to clear those. By doing so you can allow abundance to flow in.

Why Attend?

This is a logical question as time is valuable but here is the deal:

  1. It is Free
  2. It is rare to get emotional freedom technique training at no charge
  3. The time commitment is minimal
  4. After the 10 days you will see a great change, like I did

The pros to this event are endless, the only con is that is takes a bit of time.  A bit of your time for a lifetime of change is well worth it. The World Tapping Summit has rave reviews and my guess is by the end of it you will be one of those people.

Leading up to the Annual Tapping World Summit there are additional free video trainings. You can start learning EFT Tapping as early as today. The summit itself contains 25 wonderful audios that will get you on your way to not only learning the technique but changing your mindset and life.