Study On Posting Anxiety – I’ve Got It

I’ve got Posting Anxiety.  It has been so long since I have posted consecutively that I believe I am suffering from posting anxiety.  I have written several posts and really have published none of what I have written.  Why?  Well I believe it has something to do with posting anxiety.

I re-read what I have written and don’t like certain things or change things and don’t like the changes.  I think, well, perhaps the readers won’t like this or I like this when I wrote it and now I don’t.  Next thing you know I am finding other things to do and not posting……..ahhhh!!!

So, with my thirst for knowledge I looked up posting anxiety. Low and behold it has been studied.  All Academic Inc. has a study entitled “Online Posting Anxiety: Impacts on Blogging.”  Whoo was I relieved.

According to the abstract which can be found here the study was conducted by interviewing American and Chinese bloggers.  The abstract states further that “Ten American and 16 Chinese bloggers were interviewed online about their beliefs pertaining to blogging self-efficacy, negative outcome expectations, and online posting anxiety.”

I felt a little better knowing I was not alone in the posting anxiety realm.  However, I did not care for the results which cause online posting anxiety.  These included the bloggers’ low blogging self-efficacy, negative outcome expectations, and the specific characteristics of blogs.

You can find the entire study here as well as find other interesting  documents relating to blogging such as “A Social Cognitive Perspective on Blogging: Comparing the U.S. and China” and “The Impact of Perceived Audiences on Blogging” here.

Anyone Ever Suffered From The Same?

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  1. Thanks Don! Glad to hear from you I have gotten back on my feet an into the blogging world, so I will be popping by your site soon!

  2. Thanks for the advice Keith, a few days I agree, however I think I took to many off and that may have effected my posting:0

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I found your blog via a comment on Blogger Luv. Proves to me at least that the love is a great way to go 🙂

    I’ve only been blogging regularly for little over a month so too soon to have experienced posting anxiety. I do have days however where I stress out a bit because I have no idea what to write about and everything that comes off my fingers sounds like drivel!

    I’m amazed they’ve done a study into this. Somebody somewhere has too much time on their hands 😉

    Your blog reads like fun (anxiety aside ;)) so adding to my feed reader now.

    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Are They Using This Weapon On Your 4 Year Old? =-.

  4. Hi Eleanor it is true love it a great way to go! I have been there when everything seems like drivel, glad to hear I am not alone:) Thanks for stopping by and I will be to your site soon!

  5. I suddenly feel more normal. I think there’s always a bit of a worry when you first write something… usually I go ahead and tweak it a little, then post it anyway, but there’s been a couple of times where I’ve literally taken a post and dumped it for the day. Right before writing something completely different.

    I think that’s half the fun 🙂

  6. Hey Heather I feel more normal as well just reading the comment of those who feel better after reading the post…… Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks so much Gary, I feel better just from the comments hearing that I am not alone. I must say I am glad to see you are back!

  8. I don’t know that what is being termed ‘posting anxiety’ is substantively all that different from the more traditional forms of writer’s block.

    I manage too many blogs, so I often find myself afflicted with a condition in which I have anxiety about focusing on any one of them for long enough to create good content. Due to the sheer volume of blogs and other sites, when I write for one of them I typically try to churn out two or three articles during one sitting so as not to lose time to transitioning the mindset required for each. The expectations of my readers for me to continue creating all this original, insightful niche content can most certainly be a source of anxiety.

    The best means of dealing with this problem involves a trick I learned during my days as a journalist. Writer’s block, posting anxiety — whatever you wish to call it — seems to diminish in terms of intensity once a deadline is entered into the equation.

    Set deadlines for yourself and hold yourself to them. If you lack the discipline, have a friend or family member play the role of editor and call or stop by to see that you’ve completed your work before the deadline has passed. Once the focus shifts away from the writing anxiety and to the time limit, the words began to flow much more easily and the finished product always looks better than when you’re working with unlimited time or even just without a formal self-imposed deadline.
    .-= Peter Egan´s last blog ..Vitamin D3 Supplements: When Are They Necessary? =-.

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