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Many of you have already heard of Social Monkee, however for those who have not let me fill you in.  Social Monkee is a free service that provides you with 25 unique backlinks to your site.  You can either submit your site using the Social Monkee site or download the Social Monkee Firefox plugin.

I have spoken with a few people about Social Monkee and most seem to think it is a good deal.  I have been using it for a short time now and intend to write a full review after I have used it longer.  It is easy to use and yes it is free.

There is an upgrade option if you choose, it is a one time 47.00 dollars.  However, it gets better, if you refer 12 people you get upgraded automatically.  When upgraded you have access to more features and get 100 unique backlinks.

It is well worth trying if you are tired of trying to generate more and more backlinks.  You can sign up for your free Social Monkee account here.

7 Replies to “Social Monkee – Free Backlinks To Your Site”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I signed up with Social Monkee last week and so far I have managed to get 7 new sign ups which is really good for me because I really suck at marketing 😉 but have to say I haven’t seen any great result yet with backlinks, it may take a little time or work better with the upgrade.

    p.s. your CommentLuv plugin needs to be updated to the new version.

  2. Hey Maria thanks for stopping by! Yes I have not really run any tests with the backlinks yet, so I decided just to introduce it to all and then right a more in detail review later. I believe the upgrade lets you view the reports yes? Also, thank you for the info on CommmentLuv I am on it!!

  3. Just a quick update on Social Monkee: I have 10 affiliates now only two from a premium member. I think you really need to have a pro account with this before we see any difference because so far I haven’t seen any which is disappointing to say the least.

    Has anyone else had any success with it?

  4. Maria,

    I have not seen much difference but I agree with you perhaps the pro account will make a difference. To be honest I have not played with it to much but plan to over the weekend!

  5. Hi Ileane

    So great to be back and see you again, you are welcome fro the social monkee, however I need to evaluate the results a little better before I give it the full review. Ill be stopping by your site soon, you always teach me so much!

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