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Imagine one day you wake up and your site has been removed from Google.  You sit there wondering why while looking at your site.  Although you know that Google knows everything, you’re still upset that your site is gone and you have no clue why.

Well I did a little research on the subject of why sites may get removed from Google and came across quite a bit of information.  Some places said not to panic and your site would reappear, others gave reasons why your site was gone.  Although it would be nice if your site was under the “don’t worry it will reappear” category, it may not be.  Below is a short list I gathered of why your site would disappear from Google.

–         page loads with irrelevant keywords

–         cloaked redirects

–         multiple pages or domains with duplicate content

–         pages made just for search engines such as doorway sites

–         crosslinking – where made for search engine sites are linked together

–         over optimization- keyword stuffing, bolding, Italics, etc.

As I said, a short list but each one can get you bumped right out of Google.  When searching for how to redeem a site if you were to fall into one of these categories I did not find much hope except for as I said the “don’t worry it will reappear” category.  Much of the advice I found was that you would have to start your site over from scratch.

The good news and a little bad… if you are running a good, ethical site you probably won’t get the ban.  However, you can always make mistakes and when you are trying to rank for a certain keyword you may accidentally put yourself in one of the above categories.

I would love to hear more about what others know about what will get you kicked off Google.  It may help me and others not make the mistakes in the future.

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  1. Unless you are engaging in black hat tactics to produce or promote your web pages, then I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Google wants to include any page you have on your website that provides value to more than one other person. As long as you are providing value in a common sense manner without resorting to really obvious manipulative techniques, then they will want to include your content. They might not rank it well, but they will want to include it. Getting it ranked well is a different story.
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  2. I had a site that disappeared from Google and I have no idea why. It was actually making money on the Google Affiliate program at the time and was just a simple affiliate site. I wrote to ask what had happened but got no response. In the end I just had to let the domain go. The only thing I can think of was I joined a back linking site early on when I didn’t know they were wicked!I think maybe that was the reason.Live and learn.
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