Setting up SEO Quake Correctly

SEO Quake is a plugin for Firefox and comes in very handy when doing market analysis for whatever niche you are in.  SEO Quake pulls back data from competing websites in your niche letting you know how strong your competition is.

As I found out the hard way, there is a right and a wrong way to set up SEO Quake.  If you are in the default settings it may cause some trouble for you with Google.  What do I mean by trouble?  Basically, you would be pulling too much data, too often, and Google would then ban your IP address.  Although, this ban is not permanent, lastly 15 minutes to a couple hours, you still can’t search and that is a problem.

I have tried a few ways of setting up SEO Quake and found these steps to be the most beneficial.

  1. First and obviously, you must install SEO Quake and you can do that by going here.
  2. After it’s installed, go up to tools and the drop down box should show SEO Quake.
  3. Go to the preferences area, then to Parameters and uncheck all the boxes except the top row which is entitled Google pagerank.  Click Save.
  4. Next go to the Advanced Tab and set the Parameters to 2000 ms and click Use Cache.
  5. Click OK and you are done.

What this does is cut down on the data and the queries you are pulling from the different sites you are researching.  By doing this you do not offend Google and as we all know we do not want to do that.

6 Replies to “Setting up SEO Quake Correctly”

  1. Oh I did not know that this was the issue. I have installed SEOQuake and I am using it in my Computer and I always get the “Sorry” Google page. I think it was cause because of this. Thanks for the fix

  2. Not a problem, I didn’t know either till I went through the motions of what was different:)

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