RSS Scrapers – What To Do?

There has been some recent talk about people getting their content stolen by RSS Scrapers.  While I knew what RSS and an RSS scraper were I realized that many may not.  I also wondered is there a way to solve the problem of RSS scraping.

Let’s start with RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication.  According to Wikipedia “an RSS feed is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.”  The purpose of an RSS feed is to allow readers to receive notices of changed content of a site.

Now we’ll move onto a more important matter of the RSS scraper.  An RSS scraper basically takes or “scrapes” the content from a site so that their site can have fresh content.  Upon research I found several sites telling you how to scrape, not surprising I guess.

The video below is Matt Cutts from Google discussing RSS scraping and how it can actually help you.

In the video Matt talks about if the scrapers get content from your site and it has a link back to yours it may actually help you?  How do you do that?  Well one way that I know of is the RSS Footer Plugin.

Of course this plugin is free and easy to set up.  The footer only shows in your RSS feed and not in your posts.  I have had this plugin installed for quite some time so hopefully those that are stealing my content (which I have found none yet, but to be honest have not looked that hard) are linking back to my site.

Matt also talks about a Digital Millennium Copywrite Act Request which I had no idea of what that meant.  You can find more about that at one of these two sites:

Any easy way to check if there is duplicate content is by using Copyscape.  You can find more about Copyscape below:

I hope this was helpful to someone, I know it helped me to understand more about RSS scraping and what can be done about it!

If you have additional suggestions I would love to hear them!

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  1. With a few of my sites, I’ve encountered a few scrapers. I’ve always found it annoying, links to my sites were removed and they set themselves up as the original author. Nice! It was extremely annoying. I include the copyright on my page, and include a feed copyright too, unfortunately, if a person really wants to take credit for your work, they will try to do claim your work as their own.
    .-= Moondancer´s last blog ..How often do you update your About Page =-.

  2. Pheew. Am haunted with those scrapers everyday. There’s always some 50 of those scrapper backlinks which I have to delete from the comment section everyday.

    However there is a way to prevent these scrappers in case you do not want them to publish yr work. For example if you notice repeated trackbacks from a specific scrapper site, you can deny its ip address via htaccess.

    This will not likely affect your regular visitor since you will be mostly blocking the ip of the server from where the rss scrapping script is installed from accessing your site.
    .-= Kurt Avish´s last blog ..Dinner for Schmucks Review And Funny Quotes =-.

  3. You know, even if I could possibly get rank from a scraper site I’d rather not be dirtied in that fashion. I’m dealing with one now, as you know, and whichever weasel did it is going to pay for it. I’m probably more irk because they stole the article which contains two pictures of me; that’s pretty nervy.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How Influential Are You Online =-.

  4. I kept the pressure up. I started out with the first email; I sent two others as well. I contacted the hosting company. I also outed the company on Twitter after I found they had an account. Of course, one of the problems was that the first person I outed turned out to have had someone submitting articles to the site in his name, but there was no way I could know that. He said he was going to send something as well, and I hope he did because whoever it was had submitted nearly 100 posts under this other guy’s name, and I didn’t dispute it because the site was hosted in Mexico but this guy lives, well, elsewhere. lol

    Oh yeah, I threatened them with a DCMA report to Google as well.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Do I Know Social Media Marketing =-.

  5. I know it sounds bad but in reality it’s not that bad. As long as you continue promoting your own blog or website, you will outrank that scraper. If you catch someone doing it, then you are better off just putting a couple links in your first paragraph for the next few posts that link back to other posts on your website. Then you get the links like Matt talked about. I welcome scrapers to my site. Scrape away. It will just help diversify my inbound link profile and add more domain authority to my website for my primary keywords.


    I had to tell you that my absolute favorite information posts are ones like this that explain something and include a really high value video to further illustrate the points.

    Outstanding job my friend. Definitely link bait.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Why Are You Still Using No Follow On Your Blog Comments =-.

  6. Thank so much Kathy for the compliment! I like you have never gotten to worked up about scrapers, in fact I have never looked for my content any where else.

    If they get my posts and my link is included I agree with you scrape away!

  7. Wow, after all that work I am glad you have gotten it taken care of, hope it doesn’t happen again:)

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