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Instant Fiverr Goldrush Review

As promised I have gone over Instant Fiverr Goldrush and I will go into the review.  However, before I do I would like to say that although I usually review products that I find useful, once and awhile there comes a product, service, or report that I either have mixed feelings about or dislike.  That being said on with the review.

Instant Fiverr Goldrush is 9.97 and you really get what you pay for.  What I mean by that is that the report contains some good tips, but I would hardly call it a Goldrush.  I guess the flashy name helps to sell the product.  I by no means mean to say the product is bad, it is not, however some of the tips it gives you are very elementary.

The report is good to the complete newbie who wants to make money on Fiverr and hasn’t a clue how to do it.

It starts with the basic information of signing up, getting a PayPal account, etc.  It then gives you 20 tips on how to make money on Fiverr; my guess is if you look at what others are doing on Fiverr you can figure it out.

A couple extra things about the report include a list of free resources where you can advertise your Fiverr gig as well as other sites like Fiverr.  This is great information if you are not getting any response to your gig on Fiverr.  If you are having that kind of trouble and do not know how to get people to your Fiverr gig to get enough sales you may like the guide.

Instant Fiverr Goldrush is a definite newbie report and while there is nothing wrong with it, and could help those who are new online, I did not find anything spectacular in it.

So there you go my honest review…if anyone has differing opinions on it I would love to hear them….but if I offended anyone….be nice:)

Fiverr Review

If you have not already heard or used Fiverr it is a great site to take a look at.  Fiverr is basically a place where people put what they call a “gig” up on what they will do for you for 5 dollars.  The gigs range from fun and bizarre to helping people with social media, sites, etc.  There are two reasons to take a look at Fiverr, which I have had personal experience with.

First is obvious, if you want to make money online Fiverr is an easy way to do it.  Everyone is good at something, and when you look at all the different gigs on Fiverr it will soon come clear to you that you can do many things for others.  Why not get paid for them?

Second, Fiverr is great for outsourcing.  If you want a logo made, more promotion for your site, or many other tasks you may need done, you may be able to find them on Fiverr.  There is a great person on there now that is creating some wonderful logos for just 5 dollars.

In regards to making money on Fiverr there is a guide out there called Instant Fiverr Goldrush that sells for 9.97 .  However, don’t buy it yet if you’re interested I will be doing a full review on it tomorrow or over the weekend so you can know if it is something for you.

In regards to using Fiverr for task you may need done here are three tips I have learned.  First, search for what you want and then sort by rating.  Second, take the feedback seriously, if it is not good, don’t go for it.  Finally, I always contact the seller first; I find some reason to initiate conversation.  If they do not reply within 48 hours I do not use them.

There is also a guide called Fiverr Outsource Secrets that sells for 27.00.  As before, don’t buy it yet because I will also be doing a review on it.

In both reviews, I will cover what each manual actually has in it, not the sales page stuff, I actually have both.  To visit Fiverr and see what it has to offer just go here.

Have any of you used Fiverr and if so what were your results?


Facebook Changes To Fanpage – Act Quick

Many of you have already heard about this, but if you have not taken action it is time to.  As of March 10, 2011 Facebook is doing away with the FBML application.  The FBML application allows you to make custom landing pages or custom tags on your fanpage.

After March 10 Facebook is implementing Iframes, but here is the kicker….Facebook is not creating an iframe application like you now have for FBML, which means you have to create your own.  If you know how to create an iframe app great, but if you do not you will have to hire a service which usually has monthly fees.

Here is the good news; you still have time to add the FBML app to your Facebook fanpages.   According to Facebook if you install FBML application you are safe at least till the end of the year.  Then who knows what they will do.

So that is the dish as I know of it now.  I have a few fanpages that need the FBML app added, but I am really starting to debate on even bothering.  Yes it would be nice if Facebook will let you keep your FBML tabs, but that “end of the year” thing is a bit concerning.

Your thoughts or anything to add?

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Yes I’m back…so humor for humpday is back….enjoy!

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