Brain A Thon Webinar Review – Why Attend

brain a thon webinar reviewIn this Brain A Thon Webinar Review I will a bit about the agenda.  It puzzles me why one would need a review because the event is free.  None the less in this article I will cover a bit about the upcoming event and why if you are in business you may want to attend it.

Many years ago I started working online and quite unsuccessfully I might add.   Today I make a full time income online and each month it continues to grow. I knew absolutely nothing about the online world or website development. I hit ever bump in the road you can imagine and then something changed. My mindset.

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My mindset was one of lack and desperation.  Every time I failed I felt just like I did when I was young. It’s like all the stuff that happened to me when I was a child resurfaced, including my beliefs about money. Now you may think that brain training for success has nothing to do with making money online but in my opinion that cannot be further from the truth.

Brain A Thon Webinar Review

With all the  reviews it may seem like fluff, but here is the truth.  When you take the time to learn how retrain your brain success comes much easier.  If you:

  • In a state of financial desperation
  • Have been in business for some time with little to no success
  • Have difficulty with relationships
  • Have addictions
  • Suffer from low self-esteem and lack self confidence

If any apply to you or any other negative thought patterns it is time to check your mindset.  The successful have a way of thinking.  It goes beyond work hard and you will win. It is a way of thinking that is free from emotional barriers and bad thought patterns.

Neuroscientists, psychologists, and others are well aware of this fact. Today the area of neuroscience is also aware that there is a way to remedy this. John Assaraf has gathered together some of the top in these fields for the 5th annual Brainathon.

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Why Attend?

This event is free of charge and can be attended online.   During this webcast you will not only learn why these thought patterns are present but how you can change them.  Mindset and money go hand in hand and this panel of speakers will share with you are you can rewire your thinking to achieve what you desire.

While there is a heavy focus on monetary success during this event there is more to it.  You will learn that techniques that help all areas of your life. Areas such as relationships, work, health, and even your weight.  Yes your mindset can keep you overweight.

Now I understand that this is not one of full Brain A Thon Webinar Review you may have been looking for.  However I am living proof that your brain is part of success or lack of it.  The Brain a Thon live is free and if you really want success you will dedicate the time to attend it.

I will be attending it again because each time you get a new nugget of information and something you can apply to your life immediately.  After you attend I would love to hear what you thought of it so leave me a comment or drop me a message.


QSCA Coaching Academy Program

qsca coaching academy programThe QSCA coaching academy program also known as the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is now offering a training series. These videos are free and answer key questions about life coaching. Such as how to make it as a coach and how to get paid to help others.

These are offered by Christy Whitman Life Coach and if you love helping others this training is for you. For those struggling to make an income online or looking for a way to be self-employed life coaching may be an avenue you will want to consider.  I am a hypnotherapist and life coach, as well as a marketer.  By being able to do all these things I can help others and still make it financially and creating a business that pays you really well while allowing you to inspire and support others.

The QSCA Coaching Academy program is one of the top around. The reviews are amazing a now Christy is offer the 5th and final video in the free coach-training.  If you miss the others you can still view them all.  This training covers things such as:

  • How to build your coaching practice while still working your current job
  • The 3 biggest hurdles that keep some coaches from thriving
  • The easiest way to overcome obstacles of life coaching
  • Criteria to consider when choosing the right coach training for you
  • How the Quantum Success Coaching Academy works

If you think life coaching is not for you these videos will show you why it may be your exact calling. Your unique life experience has prepared you perfectly to be an ideal coach.  Anyone can master the skills and mindset needed to become a successful coach. Christy shares how she did it – and how she’s helped people worldwide do it, too, in Video #5.

QSCA Coaching Academy Program

A lot of people have knowledge about something that they want to share with others and they want to get paid for it. With life coaching, you learn how to teach your knowledge to people one on one and then you can grow from there.

There is a huge demand for certified life coaches. Lucky for those who desire to empower people that the supply isn’t keeping up with demand.  You do not have to be perfect to be a coach you just have to have a desire to help. Coaches don’t solve problems they simply assist their clients in finding the answers themselves.

No matter where you are life now, what your education level is, or how successful you have been with other endeavors your life experiences are priceless.  The insight and assistance you can offer others can turn into a well-paying employment. You can be a life coach from home working with people online, over the phone, or if you want set up a brick and mortar business.

There is no one better than Christy Whitman QSCA coaching academy program founder to teach you how to do this.  But to make sure you don’t just jump into something you is not for you she has created these videos. You can watch all five of them today and decide if coaching is for you.