Roboform – A Must Have Tool

One crucial thing, which is not my strong suit, when starting your online venture is staying organized. From website logins to text documents, everyone should be in a place you can find and of course (stating the obvious here) backed up. Roboform is one tool, I consider to be a Must-Have in the organizational category.

Roboform is a password management and web-form filler. Which means it logs you in automatically with and fills the online forms with your information for you with only one password to remember. It also helps with safety and helps security. There are other similar programs it, but in my opinion they do not touch what Roboform can do.

Roboform is Free for the first 30 days with unlimited passwords. It stays Free for you, after the 30 days, as long as you have 10 passwords and under. Like most Internet marketers or people in general, you probably have much more then 10. If that is the case then your upgrade to Pro is only 29.95. With the Pro version you also get unlimited customer support, unlimited user profiles, identities and much more.

In Holly’s book Honest Riches, when she mentioned organization, I thought well I am not making money yet, no need to get to organized. MY MISTAKE!!! Believe me if this is something you may not think you need, give it a shot, it’s free, it may be the one thing you thank me for:)

Honest Riches By Holly Mann

I decided that I could not do a beginning post without mentioning one of my biggest keys to success online. It is the one ebook I purchased entitled Honest Riches by Holly Mann. Before anything else you would think of purchasing whether a course, ebook, system, etc. I would recommend taking a close look at her site.

Honest Riches helps to cut down on the learning curve of online marketing or networking. The ebook focuses on honesty in marketing and how to legitimately make money online. Holly also teaches how to start making money online when you are on a budget, which I find is extremely important.

Honest Riches is not a stand alone flashy ebook, course, or program that promises you the world. It is solid tips and content on how to make money online effectively and create the wealth you deserve.

The ebook is 245 pages, but it is not just one book, but 10 small books combined. These 10 books cover a variety of helpful topics.

Book 1: Affiliate Marketing

Book 2: Research and Preparations

Book 3: Profiting without Websites

Book 4: Website Creation

Book 5: Search Engine Optimization

Book 6: Advertising Methods

Book 7: Product Creation

Book 8: Advanced Monetization Methods

Book 9: IM Toolkit

Book 10: Holly Mann’s Personal Resources

To get all of this separately may cost you a small fortune, far beyond Holly’s price. How do I know? I have spent a small fortune on numerous things, and learned more from Holly’s easy to follow ebook.

I have used the ebook as a reference often since I first purchased it. I value the honesty, integrity of Holly Mann and I believe you will too after viewing her site. Not only is Honest Riches amazing but also her life and how she got to where she is, is quite impressive.

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