Negative Comments Can Help Your Business

One of the major issues that arise in an internet marketer, blogger, etc. ventures is the aspect of fear.  Fear of what people may think, fear of failure, whatever it may be it can freeze you in your tracks.  What I would like to point out in this post is the element of negative comments on your site or blog.

People by nature do not like to be attacked or to be shown that they may be wrong.  By leaving your blog open for comments you invite those negative comments.  You can choose to let these comments deter you from future blog posts or putting yourself out there more or you can choose to see how they benefit you.

The reality is those negative comments can lead to a debate on your blog.  This debate can lead to numerous comments and site visits which the search engines love.  You can keep this debate going if you choose by spreading it through social networks and asking others opinions.

When a negative comment arises make a rebuttal and see where it leads.  Your rebuttal should be positive and polite in nature.  Remember this is your blog and one of the best ways to loose readers is to be negative.

Post the comment, issue, or rebuttal to Twitter, Facebook or any other social network and ask your contacts their opinions.  By doing this people will respond and the best way to get comments on your site on an issue is oddly enough to ask them to post it there.

That negative comment that could have caused you internal damage could be one of the best things that could happen to your site.  It can cause a domino effect which leads to comment after comment.

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