Lost All Your Twitter Followers?

Along with the technology issues I was facing last week, another issue came up… I lost all my Twitter followers and everyone I was following.  When logging into Twitter last week, to my surprise, my numbers were at zero.  I knew I was not a bigwig on Twitter but I did not think I was that bad.

I did not fret much, well a little maybe, because I figured it was a Twitter issue, however I was concerned that I might not get everyone back.  I did a little research on the subject of losing Twitter followers and did not find out much except it was a bug that Twitter had.

The information I did find was from 2008 and 2009, nothing I found was current.  So I decided to let matters lie for awhile and see what happens.  After a couple of hours I returned to my Twitter account and everyone was back again.

So if you have lost all your followers or people you were following, don’t panic, from my research it is just a bug that Twitter has.  However, if anyone else has information on this issue I would love to hear about it.

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