Internet Marketing Fear

Internet Marketing Fear

Internet marketing, blogging, etc. fear can creep into your mind when you are first starting anything new.  Whether it is a new blog, getting started with your auto responder, or any new task, you may have a twinge of fear before proceeding.

Fear in any field is natural, however you have to overcome it or you will never achieve your goals especially in internet marketing.  Internet marketing if you have not already noticed is a highly competitive arena.  If you proceed with doing everything from a position of fear eventually it will show through or worse yet paralyze you to a point where you are not achieving anything.

Internet marketing fear often leads to internet marketing procrastination.  It is far more comfortable to think about getting started then to do it and make a mistake.  For this reason as well as many others it is imperative to nip your internet marketing fear in the bud, before it takes control of you and your dreams.

For this reason I have collected a list of fears that have come up in my internet marketing journey as well as some I have run into with others.  I have broken them down with the worse case scenarios and the truths of internet marketing, to put you at ease.  It is a short list but you should get the picture:

Building a blog

–         Worst Case Scenario – you can’t do it and need to go out and get a book or use SBI.

–         The Truth – blogs are relatively easy to build once you get the hang of it.  You may screw up and probably won’t know everything about your Cpanel but you can still accomplish it.

My site won’t be good enough (I love this one)

–         Worst Case Scenario – the site may not be good enough for you, or it will not be the best and the next one will be better.

–         The Truth – If you take some time, search some keywords, and find site with high page ranks you would be shocked at how crappy some of them look.  Sorry for the language but that should make you feel better.

Using and loading an autoresponder for the first time

–         Worst Case Scenario- it takes up more time then you like and some of your emails get sent out incorrectly

–         The Truth – autoresponders are not too difficult especially if you are using a service like aweber that basically holds your hand the whole way.   In regards to emails going out not the way you want them to, how many times have you gotton a mistake autoresponder email from some internet marketer?  It does not happen often but it does happen.  Unless your list is full of some real sticklers most won’t opt out for that reason.

Participating in your first JV giveaway

–         Worst Case Scenario – you won’t understand how to create a good opt in page and you may not get any signups.

–         The Truth – there are many bad opt in pages, it is true that if they look better it does help, but nevertheless, if a person wants the product you are giving away they will sign up for it anyway.  Give a JV a shot, they are fun and you will see your list start to grow.

Okay, so it is a very short list but these are all fears I and others I know have run into.  They are common internet marketing anxieties that are easily over come.  The fact is that you will make internet marketing mistakes and the worst that could happen in most cases is that someone will virtually yell at you:)

2 Replies to “Internet Marketing Fear”

  1. Hi
    Glad to see you are using the Newru on your site.I first seen the reference on Holly’s site and I thought it was priceless.

    On your blog, thank you so much for covering this subject. You have highlighted some points I found very interesting. I am changing my web site over to Holly’s team and will be adding a couple more, and autoresponders scare the life out of me, coz I know nothing about them.Now I feel more comfortable.
    Your other headings are also very helpful.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Tom,

    Glad to see you here. I am glad that the post helped you if you have any questions I can answer let me know, I will have a contact form up soon. Also, when you have a blog let me know would love to read what you have to say:)

    Keep in touch!


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