How Often Should You Blog?

One big question when blogging is how often should you post to your blog?  My original rule of thumb was once a day.  However, I came to a point of realization that one post a day is useless unless you have something noteworthy to say.

After reading different opinions on the issue, I came up with the similar results from different blogs.  In a nutshell, one of the reasons that people unsubscribe from your blog is posting too much.

However, from a search engine aspect, posting once a day is great.  It makes the bots come back and note your content.

Taking these facts into consideration, the answer would be to post once a day, but only if you have a subject that is useful to your readers.  If you get lazy with your blog posts (which I have done at times) then your readers will unsubscribe to your blog.  This leads to fewer readers, fewer comments, less search engine worthiness.

Bottom line: Don’t publish if it is not of value to your reader.  Your readers are more important then your rankings.  In essence, the more readers you have that comment and spread the word, the more your rankings will increase.

Here is a great post that may help at entitled How Often Should You Post?

2 Replies to “How Often Should You Blog?”

  1. I try to post at least once a week. I would love to post once a day but right now just can’t find the time. Maybe in the near future I’ll crank it up to 2-3 posts a week.

    But yeah I agree, make the posts worth something.

  2. I understand completely Cary, finding the time is sometimes difficult, however, any post is a good post as long as it is quality:)

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