Firefox Messing With My Blog

If it isn’t one thing it is another when blogging. Your goal to produce content is rudely interrupted by another little glitch. Luckily, this time, the glitch was not difficult to fix.

While I was posting yesterday, I went to the html tab and saw this bit of script:

<input /><input type=”hidden” />

Well, of course I didn’t put it there so my initial reaction was a mini-freak out. Luckily for me, these freak outs are getting less and less the more I run into glitches.

The script is caused by a Firefox add-on, which I did not add. It is the Firefox browser highlighter that was causing the problem. The fix is quite simple, just simply uninstall the highlighter and POOF, the issue was gone.

I uninstalled the browser highlighter by going to my program files, finding Mozilla , then finding the extensions folder and deleting the highlighter.

I am not a Firefox expert, so I guess my real question is… can the automatic Firefox updates just install anything? If so, is there a way to stop it? If no one has any answers, I will continue to do research on it, but it never hurts to ask first.

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  1. I think it is safe to safe you are now a internet queen it is always good to share these little issues when they arrive with you readers they really save a lot of time for us thanks for sharing jenny
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  2. Your welcome I find that when I try to find some answers to such problems they are not always easy to find, some are, but I figure I may as well note them so no one else has to go through the suffering:)

  3. That “browser highlighter” is considered by many to be malware – no one is sure why Firefox approved it, but I’m pretty sure it was installed maliciously.

    No browser is safe from this sort of attack: good virus protection should catch places trying to sneak things on to your browser. Do make sure virus protection is up to date.
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