Eight Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Since I could not find anything to write about today, I decided to write about where I usually look and what I usually do to find blog post ideas.  Many times I have something to write about but there are those days that creep up and I feel like I have gone brain dead.

Below is a list of things I do and places I look to find blog post ideas:

–         Keep a running list – I usually jot down blog post ideas when they come to me daily.  However, with my recent schedule I have not done that and of course with my great organization skills I can’t find the old list.

–         Check the comments of my blog and the blogs of others.  Many times people ask questions or make very good points in the comment sections of blogs.  I have used these questions or comments for blog posts on occasion.

–         Yahoo Answers- I cannot even list how many times I have written a post from a question I found on Yahoo Answers I have found that site to be very helpful in giving me ideas.

–         Social Networking Sites – I read many blogs that pop up on Twitter and Facebook.  If I find a blog post I like a may write on a similar topic.  A note on this one I never copy the topic, I usually find a tidbit within a post that I can focus in on.

–         Rewrite an old post from years ago, since I am a NEWRU 🙂 I at times, have a completely different perspective on it.

–         Go to some of my most inspirational blogger friends’ blogs and expand on one of their topics, of course giving them the credit of where you found the initial information.

–         Youtube – finding a informational video on youtube and then posting it and expanding upon it with additional information has always been helpful to me.

–   Ask friends about what they want to know.  Usually these are my non-blogger friends.  I ask them what they would like to know about internet marketing or blogging and POOF ideas for blog posts come.

Okay so these are some of the techniques I use, however as a blogger you know how often writer’s block may come up, so if you have any additional ideas please share them.

5 Replies to “Eight Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Posts”

  1. Definitely good ideas.

    One thing I do is that I write the posts whenever I am inspired to write them. Then rather than scheduling them right away, I will file them away in a folder where I can grab them when I lack the creativity or inspiration to write something decent.
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..How Do You Help Your Blogger Friends =-.

  2. As well as my blog about marketing online, I have a couple of eclectic blogs. On these I often write about various events in the news. I find that if I browse Google News then I’m sure to find something that fires me up and makes me want to have a bit of a rant.

    Other good sites for this include Clipmarks, Newsvine and Digital Journal.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..A local classifieds site with a difference =-.

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