ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server Error

While attempting to upload to a file using FileZilla the other day I ran into this error message “ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server”.  It never seems to fail that, when I am moving right along, up pops an issue I need to figure out or am unfamiliar with.

After going through the motions of changing my passwords, as well as some other steps, I finally gave up, left the computer and began to stew about it.  I tried to figure out what had recently changed on my system that would cause this to happen, since it was not occurring before.

The few changes I had made was installing SEO Quake in Firefox and an update was done with my virus software which is McAfee (which by the way if anyone can recommend a better, more secure anti-virus, I am all ears).  I decided to play around with these two things to see if either one was the issue.  By uninstalling SEO Quake there was no change, however by disabling the firewall on McAfee I was finally able to connect.

I have used McAfee for quite some time and have always had my firewall up, so I am not sure why the change now.  However, it did solve the problem and I was able to upload my files.

I always like to post any issues I bump into while working online whether it is working with working with sites, internet marketing, or anything else that might come up.   I post these in attempt to assist others or if anyone else has found any fixes I would love to hear them.

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  1. These anti virus software can cause lots of issues especially with the firewall enable what i do is that my main computer has no antivirus i have the os on disc scan for virus then do a re install and format my hard drive.

  2. Had the same problem. Blamed the firewall, cursed the antivirus software, though about evil eye… went downgrade Filezilla to a old version, problem solved. No more weird messages. Weird isn’t it? Maybe sometime I’ll give the problem more attention and have the newest version of Filezilla to work as I do with the other one, from the year 2007. New does not have to be better.

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