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You Get Sick Your Blog Get’s Sick

In case you haven’t noticed, I have not posted in awhile; I have been down with the sickness, big time.  I am feeling better now and finally got back on the computer and into the blogosphere and then……….. I took a look at my stats.  Boy, if I wasn’t sick enough before after taking a […]


Video – What You May Not Know About Blog Engage

If you belong to many social networks or communities you may be like me and not know all the features offered by each one.  With so many out there I am amazed at the people who do.    While visiting Keith Bloemendaal’s site Hot Blog Tips I came across this YouTube video about Blog Engage which […]


A Few Sites to Help With Online Slang Confusion

Whether you are a newbie or well-seasoned online blogger or entrepreneur it is still difficult to stay up on all the latest slang.  I am speaking specifically of internet and computer slang. You could be trucking right along and here comes a new term, abbreviate, or a few letters in a comment and your thinking […]


Firefox Messing With My Blog

If it isn’t one thing it is another when blogging. Your goal to produce content is rudely interrupted by another little glitch. Luckily, this time, the glitch was not difficult to fix. While I was posting yesterday, I went to the html tab and saw this bit of script: <input /><input type=”hidden” /> Well, of […]


Having More Than One Blog?

I realize that many have more than one blog; I write for a few of my own and guest post for others.  I originally set up this blog to help others learn as I learned.  Letting them know tips and new things I have learned along the way during my online experience.  Throughout this mission, […]

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