You Get Sick Your Blog Get’s Sick

In case you haven’t noticed, I have not posted in awhile; I have been down with the sickness, big time.  I am feeling better now and finally got back on the computer and into the blogosphere and then……….. I took a look at my stats.  Boy, if I wasn’t sick enough before after taking a look at those, I just about wretched.

Depending on what your blogging goals are you really have to be conscious of setbacks that may occur in life.  If you plan to achieve good stats, make money, or any other goal you have, you must have a plan.  Normally, when I would be expecting a time when I would be unable to post like I want to I would plan ahead and write several posts and then login post and tend to whatever I needed to tend to.

However, for the unexpected, like a sickness, job changes, family etc. it is difficult to get your brain to work enough for quality posts for your readers.  I say all of this because while I was sick I realized how important it was to treat your blog, like a business, that is if you want to become a serious blogger.  If it is a personal blog or recreational blog it may not be as important.

Throughout this illness I was stricken by, I began thinking how I could have managed to at least keep my blog or at least my presence online with having little energy and foggy thinking.    I came up with a few answers that if heaven forbid I get this sick again I can put into practice.

–         As in previous times that I had planned posts ahead of time, have a few quality posts on backup should anything happen that you would need them

–         Comment on fellow bloggers sites, provided you are well enough to do so, but don’t just go out there and put some useless comments on others blogs

–         Keep in contact with your fellow online entrepreneurs and bloggers buddies and  let them know your situation, at least they will know you did not vacate them or the online world

–         Converse on social media sites even if it is not about your latest post or blog, you can prep yourself for an entire new readership by doing this

–         If you’re clear enough write a post about another bloggers post that you found interesting and give them the credit, of course

–         Ask people to guest post, which I believe one may want to do anyway, good for you blog and the guest

Just a few ideas I brainstormed while in my foggy state, none of which I put into practice due to the severity of sickness.  Although all these tips may work well in times of trouble, take care of yourself first, which goes without saying.  If you are not well, there is no blog.

If you have any additional tips I would love to hear them!

Video – What You May Not Know About Blog Engage

If you belong to many social networks or communities you may be like me and not know all the features offered by each one.  With so many out there I am amazed at the people who do.    While visiting Keith Bloemendaal’s site Hot Blog Tips I came across this YouTube video about Blog Engage which is a great site for bloggers.    It is the official Blog Engage Introduction which taught me things about Blog Engage I did not already know, so I thought I would share. You may have already seen it but if not here it is: