Raikov Effect Free Download – Power of Placebo

Raikov Effect Free DownloadThe Raikov Effect Free Download is called the Power of Placebo.  This is just one of the samples they are offering as a review of the product.  In this article with will cover the download as well as answer the question what is the Raikov Effect.

Dr. Vladimir Raikov did a study years ago where he took a group of his students and put them into hypnosis.  He then took them into regression and had them model skills of one that is musically talented.  It is said that his students then exhibited the ability to play musical instruments and were musically inclined.

The company Raikov has put together a system where you can do the same them but not just with music.  The program has skills such as self-confidence, abundance, better thinking, and just about any skill you want to acquire. While we have covered brain training programs in the past this one is quite interesting.


How does the Raikov Effect work?

The program is quite simple, you download the product and then choose which skills you want to acquire. The way it works is that you are modeling the behaviors and skills of people who already have them.

This is what makes this program very interesting. According to the company you can learn the skills and abilities of the most successful.

Raikov Effect Free Download

As mentioned there are several samples you can get.  This particular one is the Power of Placebo. You can use this to increase your productivity, enjoy a quick energy boost, activate super-fast relaxation, get motivated to exercise, reduce your food intake and more.

It’s all based on the power of the Placebo Effect, and how you can use it to “trick yourself” to success. No-one knows exactly how the placebo effect works, but it does. It harnesses the power of the world’s most complex ‘computer’ – the human brain – to make fast, significant changes. And the best bit is that anyone can utilize it.

How does this help you?

Most of us wish we had better skills in one area or another. No matter what you desire you are sure to find it in this program.  Raikov understands that sometimes a review is just not enough and that is why they are giving away different gifts.

When you take advantage of this gift you will begin to see that this audio can help you to increase your productivity, boost your confidence, and more. For example, if you were to Put some sugar pills in a bottle labeled “Confidence Booster Tablets.” Your mind will register that they’re confidence boosters, and that will help keep your confidence levels up.


What are the pros and cons?

While there are really no pros and cons to the gift there are a few to the new Raikov Effect program. The pros are that it is easy to use, low cost, relaxing, and has a one-year guarantee.

The cons are that you do have to use it as directed. If you do not take the time to use the program daily you will see results but they will not be want you desire. This is a con for many because they want the change but do not want to take the time to change.

To learn more, you can get access to the Raikov Effect Free Download HERE





QSCA Coaching Academy Program

qsca coaching academy programThe QSCA coaching academy program also known as the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is now offering a training series. These videos are free and answer key questions about life coaching. Such as how to make it as a coach and how to get paid to help others.

These are offered by Christy Whitman Life Coach and if you love helping others this training is for you. For those struggling to make an income online or looking for a way to be self-employed life coaching may be an avenue you will want to consider.  I am a hypnotherapist and life coach, as well as a marketer.  By being able to do all these things I can help others and still make it financially and creating a business that pays you really well while allowing you to inspire and support others.

The QSCA Coaching Academy program is one of the top around. The reviews are amazing a now Christy is offer the 5th and final video in the free coach-training.  If you miss the others you can still view them all.  This training covers things such as:

  • How to build your coaching practice while still working your current job
  • The 3 biggest hurdles that keep some coaches from thriving
  • The easiest way to overcome obstacles of life coaching
  • Criteria to consider when choosing the right coach training for you
  • How the Quantum Success Coaching Academy works

If you think life coaching is not for you these videos will show you why it may be your exact calling. Your unique life experience has prepared you perfectly to be an ideal coach.  Anyone can master the skills and mindset needed to become a successful coach. Christy shares how she did it – and how she’s helped people worldwide do it, too, in Video #5.

QSCA Coaching Academy Program

A lot of people have knowledge about something that they want to share with others and they want to get paid for it. With life coaching, you learn how to teach your knowledge to people one on one and then you can grow from there.

There is a huge demand for certified life coaches. Lucky for those who desire to empower people that the supply isn’t keeping up with demand.  You do not have to be perfect to be a coach you just have to have a desire to help. Coaches don’t solve problems they simply assist their clients in finding the answers themselves.

No matter where you are life now, what your education level is, or how successful you have been with other endeavors your life experiences are priceless.  The insight and assistance you can offer others can turn into a well-paying employment. You can be a life coach from home working with people online, over the phone, or if you want set up a brick and mortar business.

There is no one better than Christy Whitman QSCA coaching academy program founder to teach you how to do this.  But to make sure you don’t just jump into something you is not for you she has created these videos. You can watch all five of them today and decide if coaching is for you.