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Social Monkee – Free Backlinks To Your Site

Many of you have already heard of Social Monkee, however for those who have not let me fill you in.  Social Monkee is a free service that provides you with 25 unique backlinks to your site.  You can either submit your site using the Social Monkee site or download the Social Monkee Firefox plugin. I […]


What Is The Google Slap And What Can You Do About It?

I had heard of the Google Slap many times before but was unsure of what it really was.  I intended to write a post about what I found out about the Google Slap but then I found these videos.  These videos were put out by Clickbank and are very thorough so I figured why reinvent […]


Taking Time Out to Learn – Finding a Balance

As some can tell, I don’t blog daily much of the time. The reason for this is not for lack of desire but more for the lack of time. I have been using much of my time to learn instead of blog. I believe I need to take time to balance so I do blog […]


Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

There are always questions about whether or not long tail or short tail keywords are the best.  I believe they both have their benefits depending on an individual’s skill in targeting traffic or the niche they are in. An example of short tail keywords would be “social networking” while long tail keywords would be “social […]


Squidoo Marketing

I read many blogs with some tremendous advice on blogging.  As a blogger and internet marketer, I do not see much mention of the use of Squidoo as a traffic generator and income provider. Granted, Squidoo marketing is not the quickest way to get good traffic but I believe it should not be ignored.  Much […]

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