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Many of you have already heard of Social Monkee, however for those who have not let me fill you in.  Social Monkee is a free service that provides you with 25 unique backlinks to your site.  You can either submit your site using the Social Monkee site or download the Social Monkee Firefox plugin.

I have spoken with a few people about Social Monkee and most seem to think it is a good deal.  I have been using it for a short time now and intend to write a full review after I have used it longer.  It is easy to use and yes it is free.

There is an upgrade option if you choose, it is a one time 47.00 dollars.  However, it gets better, if you refer 12 people you get upgraded automatically.  When upgraded you have access to more features and get 100 unique backlinks.

It is well worth trying if you are tired of trying to generate more and more backlinks.  You can sign up for your free Social Monkee account here.

What Is The Google Slap And What Can You Do About It?

I had heard of the Google Slap many times before but was unsure of what it really was.  I intended to write a post about what I found out about the Google Slap but then I found these videos.  These videos were put out by Clickbank and are very thorough so I figured why reinvent the wheel and just post the videos.

These vids are a great source of information if you do not know anything about the Google Slap or what can be done about it.  They are a bit on the longer side but well worth the watch.

If you have more to add on the Google Slap I would love to hear what you know!!