A Shout Out To Some Great Female Bloggers

I have not posted much and I realized that I have not mentioned some great female bloggers.  Over the past couple months I have met some great bloggers who write on a variety of topics.  I want to give a shout out to some of them for their great information and their comments.

Ileane from Basic Blog Tips has been very helpful to me.  If I have a question she is ready and willing to answer.  On her blog, she shares wonderful tips and I recommend that anyone who is blogging stop by and give her a big hello.

Kathy from Kathy Blogger also has a great blog.  Her blog varies in topic, but she has a great writing style and her information has also been of great help to me.  Another recommended blogger who is great at what she does.

Cindy over at The Game of Life also has some great posts and they vary from topic to topic as well.  On a side note, Cindy is a great graphic designer and would recommend her services for those who are looking for them.

Melinda over at Simple Home Organization is a site I really recommend.  Probably one reason is because I am awful at organization……..LOL.  Seriously though, Melinda not only blogs about how to make your life and home organized, she also blogs on some other great topics as well.

Finally, I wanted to mention Moondancer, at least that is how I know her.  Her blog Im Celebrating Life is a great blog about nutrition as well as some other topics.  Much of what she blogs about is very interesting to me and I am sure you will think so yourself.

That rounds up the female bloggers that I have recently met and enjoy reading their blogs.  Up next is the male bloggers I have met recently and their great blogs.  Sorry guys but ladies first;)

Eight Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Since I could not find anything to write about today, I decided to write about where I usually look and what I usually do to find blog post ideas.  Many times I have something to write about but there are those days that creep up and I feel like I have gone brain dead.

Below is a list of things I do and places I look to find blog post ideas:

–         Keep a running list – I usually jot down blog post ideas when they come to me daily.  However, with my recent schedule I have not done that and of course with my great organization skills I can’t find the old list.

–         Check the comments of my blog and the blogs of others.  Many times people ask questions or make very good points in the comment sections of blogs.  I have used these questions or comments for blog posts on occasion.

–         Yahoo Answers- I cannot even list how many times I have written a post from a question I found on Yahoo Answers I have found that site to be very helpful in giving me ideas.

–         Social Networking Sites – I read many blogs that pop up on Twitter and Facebook.  If I find a blog post I like a may write on a similar topic.  A note on this one I never copy the topic, I usually find a tidbit within a post that I can focus in on.

–         Rewrite an old post from years ago, since I am a NEWRU 🙂 I at times, have a completely different perspective on it.

–         Go to some of my most inspirational blogger friends’ blogs and expand on one of their topics, of course giving them the credit of where you found the initial information.

–         Youtube – finding a informational video on youtube and then posting it and expanding upon it with additional information has always been helpful to me.

–   Ask friends about what they want to know.  Usually these are my non-blogger friends.  I ask them what they would like to know about internet marketing or blogging and POOF ideas for blog posts come.

Okay so these are some of the techniques I use, however as a blogger you know how often writer’s block may come up, so if you have any additional ideas please share them.