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Bitchy Bloggers

It is not usual for me to cuss in my blog posts, let alone name my post with a cuss word, but upon hours of brainstorming I still could think of no other appropriate title.

Recently, I read a few blog posts cutting other bloggers down.  Complaining about their blogs, who the owners were, and their character in general was the theme of these posts.  Now, I understand the points of making a post like that, and that is that it will get readers and comments.


Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

There are always questions about whether or not long tail or short tail keywords are the best.  I believe they both have their benefits depending on an individual’s skill in targeting traffic or the niche they are in.

An example of short tail keywords would be “social networking” while long tail keywords would be “social networking for businesses.”  As you can see from the examples the short tail keywords probably have many more searches than the long tail keyword.  However, that being said, with more searches comes more competition.


BloggerLuv- The Place to Be!

I thought I would skip Humor for Humpday this week and mention one of my favorite sites for bloggers.  BloggerLuv is the site I am talking about and there are many reasons I like it, however, I will touch on just a few.

BloggerLuv is about community, yes we all have our own blogs, but as far as I can tell we all help each other out.  I must admit I have not been as active as I should be on the site, that being said, for not being active I have already met some great people.


How to Add a Favicon to WordPress

I have never really paid too much attention to favicons, but I have read and been told that your site can have more clout with a reader if it has one.  Finally, I got around to it and added a favicon.

Although many people already know how to add a favicon, I wanted to touch on it because it gave me such a hard time.  When I get to end of this post I will tell you why it gave me a hard time and you will be laughing at me.


Keyword Match Types

When doing keyword research for your niche site or your next post it is important to know what each of the keyword match types mean.  When I say keyword match types I am referring to Google using the Google Keyword Tool.

Google defines the match types as follows:

  • Broad match: keyword (no punctuation)
    Allows your ad to show for searches on similar phrases and relevant variations
  • Phrase match: “keyword”
    Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase
  • Exact match: [keyword]
    Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively
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