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When You May Need Another Blog?

This may be one of the most personal posts I ever write on this site, but it is all from realizations I have had in the past month or so along with my current condition. I have not been blogging, commenting, or even reading as much as I used to. One reason is my current […]


A Shout Out to Some Great Male Bloggers Out There!

I wrote a post awhile back entitled “A Shout Out To Some Great Female Bloggers” , and at the end of that post I mentioned I was going to go through some great male bloggers that I read next. Due to technology issues, I have not gotten on the ball with that so I would […]


A Shout Out To Some Great Female Bloggers

I have not posted much and I realized that I have not mentioned some great female bloggers.  Over the past couple months I have met some great bloggers who write on a variety of topics.  I want to give a shout out to some of them for their great information and their comments. Ileane from […]


Eight Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Since I could not find anything to write about today, I decided to write about where I usually look and what I usually do to find blog post ideas.  Many times I have something to write about but there are those days that creep up and I feel like I have gone brain dead. Below […]


RSS Scrapers – What To Do?

There has been some recent talk about people getting their content stolen by RSS Scrapers.  While I knew what RSS and an RSS scraper were I realized that many may not.  I also wondered is there a way to solve the problem of RSS scraping. Let’s start with RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication.  […]

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