When You May Need Another Blog?

This may be one of the most personal posts I ever write on this site, but it is all from realizations I have had in the past month or so along with my current condition. I have not been blogging, commenting, or even reading as much as I used to. One reason is my current health has been a bit off, but another reason is that I realized what my original intent of NEWRU was.

I knew what my intentions were with NEWRU way back when I started. The purpose was to document what I learned about blogging and internet marketing as I learned it. It was never really meant to be a “what do I write about today” blog. It was suppose to be what I learned as I learned it.

With many of the great bloggers I have met recently, I realized that they really have a passion to teach others. I have that passion but only as I learn it, I am not as passionate about trying to strive for a new tip.

I rely on others great blogs to teach me what I need to know because they are good at what they do, they have passion. My passion is blogging and internet marketing, however, not enough to find a post for every day of the week. To become a blogger it is usually best to blog daily.

After all of this, I came to the conclusion that I may need to either interject my personal life into this blog or start a personal blog as well. I have tons of stuff to say personally and in one or two niche areas. So the debate is… do I start a personal blog? What is funny is that I already have a domain name and have not even started with it. My reasoning for that was that I did not want to overwhelm myself, but after thinking about it since I don’t blog here everyday, would that personal blog be a benefit?

Okay, so here is where I need your opinions, interject personal into this blog or go gung ho with the other one. I of course would not leave this blog as I said I would write when I learn.

Appreciate all opinions on this!

A Shout Out to Some Great Male Bloggers Out There!

I wrote a post awhile back entitled “A Shout Out To Some Great Female Bloggers, and at the end of that post I mentioned I was going to go through some great male bloggers that I read next.

Due to technology issues, I have not gotten on the ball with that so I would like to now.  I have been reading a few of these bloggers for quite some time and others are new friends with great blogs that I can’t help but mention.  So on with the great male bloggers I communicate with (when I can get online) and that I read.

First and foremost I would like to mention John Sullivan creator of BloggerLuv and author of “The Best Blog in the Universe.”  John has created a great community over at BloggerLuv and you can always find good times and some great info at his blog.

Gary from Lawmacs, I have actually been reading for quite some time.  He provides great tips on blogging, making money online, social media, and much more.  I always find great bits knowledge in each one of his posts, so check him out.

Justin from DragonBlogger is another blogger that I have read for some time as well.  I have not really made my presence known on his blog, however have learned a great deal from his posts.  I would highly recommend checking out his blog to stay up to date.

Rob of Rob Sellen 🙂  is a new blogger bud of mine and I’ve read some great posts from his blog.  Rob’s blog is a cornucopia of different subjects both informative and entertaining, so I recommend popping by and checking out his blog.

Wayne of Business & Pleasure is also a newly found friend and may I say great blogger.  Wayne’s blog is very informative and he is also the author of “The Blogger’s Atlas” a free guide that covers how to blog, build traffic and make money from your blog.  Stop by his site and get yourself a copy.

And last but not least Mitch of I’m Just Sharing a blog again about numerous topics.  As his site states it is a blog about “blogging, online marketing, and other stuff” definitely must pop by and say hello to Mitch.

I know I have forgotten someone but these guys are great and have great blogs so stop by check them out and drop them a comment.:)