Browser Issues Got Me Down

I have not posted in awhile, part of the reason was that I was tending to some family things, but for the most part, it was technology that got in the way.  It is hard enough to work online and of course it makes it extremely difficult/impossible to continue to work online when getting online isn’t in the cards.

My main issue, which was a big one, was not being able to connect to the internet, not due to my ISP but due to my browser.  I use Mozilla Firefox and it was not opening even though it was still running in the background.  When I finally was able to connect, I downloaded the Safari and Opera browsers but neither of those seemed to work either.

Using a different computer, I spent much of my time online geeking out trying to find out the answer and I still have not.

I am connected now with Mozilla and still don’t know how I got here.  Either I fixed it or Mozilla was having problems.  I still have no idea why Safari and Opera will not connect, but Mozilla seems to be running now and I hope it continues to work.

Due to these issues I pose a question to any readers out there.  Have any of you had trouble with Mozilla Firefox and also, what browser are you using?

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  1. Looks like my subscription problem is fixed. Yay!

    I have had numerous browser issues in the past. It is almost always caused by a malfunctioning plugin. I would recommend that you backup your bookmarks and make a quick list of the addons that you have installed into Firefox. Then download the installation file for the latest version. Then go to control panel – Add/Remove programs. Uninstall your existing version. Then run that installation file to reinstall it. It will install without any addons. You will have to reinstall them manually and import your bookmarks. That should work.
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  2. I use Chrome, although coincidentally I was getting ready too download Mozilla because of all the great plugins I heard they have as to optimizing my the experience. I will still do so and try it out. I will still keep my trusty Chrome though, just in case.
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  3. I honestly got so fed up with Firefox about 2 months ago that I made the complete switch to Google Chrome, which is not only faster but has just as many extensions for functionality.

    Hint, if you want to blog when you have no internet access download the free Windows Live Writer application, it costs nothing and reads in your blog theme so you can write to your blog and publish or schedule when you get back online. It works so well for blogging offline than using say “Word, Notepad” or a text editor. It handles categories, tags, title, SLUG…etc so you basically have to do no extra editing. You can also cut and paste images into it and they upload automatically when you publish posts.
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  4. Yes, Firefox is my most commonly used browser for certain things. I have a bunch of SEO add-ons installed in Firefox that help give me a sense of how popular a website is as well as many other quality factors from a search engine standpoint. Plus I have a number of cookies saved in there so that I can automatically log into accounts at various social properties among other websites. It is a time saver.

    I also use the dreaded Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser. Each one has its own purpose. I really like Google Chrome because of its speed, but I have experienced numerous little glitches with it that are very annoying. Then I have to copy my URL and open Firefox or IE to see something properly or participate in something.

    I tweaked my DNS settings on my network adaptor so that I would be using Google’s public DNS servers instead of my ISP DNS servers. This has also improved my browsing speed. I didn’t realize how much that little difference could make.
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  5. Thanks for all the information Kathy I am glad to know what works and doesn’t. I will definitely head your way if I have techy issues;-)

  6. Thank you Justin for the great information I will download that immediately also thanks for stopping by! Been to your blog many times but have not commented have to get on that. Thanks again for the info!

  7. Hey Karen thanks for stopping by, I really have to look into chrome so far people are very happy with it. Good to hear another thumbs up for it, thanks again!

  8. I’m a major league Firefox fan I must admit. I love being able to have all kinds of themes, add ons, and scripts that make certain websites do what I want them to do. I have found that sometimes Firefox does hang and usually its resources related, which also ties into some of the plug-ins. I did some online research as well, and change some of the settings so that my resources are better used. Last night was the first time that my browser decided to hang up on me since I made those setting changes three weeks ago. And I pretty much know what prompted it, so I just rebooted and started again and everything is working fine once more. I can’t see myself giving up Firefox, as I did test Chrome and I have used Opera, and I just like Firefox better.
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  9. Good to hear that you could fix the issue I am still having issues but it seems to be with Skype, I am checking into it!

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