Animoto Videos – An Easy Way to Make Videos

Have you been wondering how to make your own videos for your site or business?  Video creation can be confusing if you have never done it before and sometimes even if you have.

There are many ways and sites to make videos and many are very good.  However, if you are not an expert or want to make top notch videos, I have found a great way to do it.

Recently, I came across the site called Animoto.  Animoto allows you to upload your pictures and music to make your own slideshow videos.  You can create free videos that are thirty seconds long.

If you want to make a longer video Animoto has a few options.  You can purchase a full-length video for three dollars or purchase an entire year’s access for only thirty dollars.  There is also an option to get a commercial account at a higher price if you want to use it for more professional reasons.

With the video you can send it in email, post it to your site, or download it.  The site also claims that you can run your pictures and music through again and it will be completely different.  No two videos are the same.

I have used Animoto for a few videos and am so far very pleased.  It is a great way to make videos that are professional yet not difficult and painstaking.  I would highly recommend Animoto to anyone looking make videos for any reason.  The quality of the videos is high and the system is so easy a child could do it.

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