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I finally succeeded in adding my Twitter account to Facebook and then undid it (which I will explain why later).  I don’t know why this task is not easier than it is, it seems to me there would be a simple add Twitter or vice versa tab on one of the sites.  There is not, however, so it took a little bit of searching to find out how to do it.

Upon finding the app on Facebook, it was relatively easy to set it up.  I believe there is more than one Facebook app to use to hook up your Twitter account, however, I found this one to be the most popular.

To connect the two you simply allow the app on Facebook and then you’re set.  So the connecting was not really the issue it was just finding how to do it that took some time.

There is also another app which I did not try called Selective Tweets.  Apparently, you can choose which Tweets you want to go to Facebook by putting an #fb behind your Tweet.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who is using Selective Tweets and how they like it.

Now the reason I unhooked Twitter and Facebook.  I have read many blogs out there that say it is best for the two to be tied together. Among my readings, there were numerous reasons to combine the two.  It may be best to have the two hooked to save an individual or business time and to get more leverage.  I personally just didn’t want each Tweet to be updated to my Facebook page.

I would love to know your point of view on hooking the two together.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi Rob
    I think I agree with that, that is exactly why I unhooked it. Thanks for the info I may try the selective one.

  2. I am the same reasons above as well, and do not feed my personal twitter into facebook.

    Here’s what I do – I set up my Google Buzz to send out comment/chats immediately to both my twitter account and my facebook profile account simultaneously .. Sometimes – you get in a loop if you don’t. I once configured my FB to tweet everything I comment in there (sounds good, eh?) but forgot I had everything I tweeted go to Facebook and it was horrendous duplications for about 3 days before i realized what I was doing and how to fix.
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