NEWRU was originally started in early 2009 with the mission of documenting the journey of making money online.  During early 2010 NEWRU began to drift off into blogging and social media tips.  With the mass amounts of bloggers blogging about blogging, it was not where I needed to be.  There were many out there with great blogging and social media tips while NEWRU was intended to focus on the basics of making money.

In late 2010 the realization of the original mission hit hard and I realized that I needed to reassess where NEWRU was going.  Although I was making money online I was spending too much time trying to think of topics and getting my blog around out there.  My health declined in mid-2010 and I soon realized that with the lack of health and the loss of original mission, I was doing no one any good and decided to put NEWRU on hold while I worked on other areas of life.

Flash forward to 2011….NEWRU is back with it’s original mission of making money online.  I do make money online but I am not a Guru….hence the name NEWRU- Where If Your Not A Newbie…and Not A Guru….you must be a NEWRU!”

From 2011 forward the main intent will be to share with others how to make money online as well as any additional tips I pick up along the way (which may include some blogging and social media tips).  NEWRU now intends to give you information on products, services, and general guidance that involves making money online.  Many have helped me along the way and now I want to do the same for others!

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