A Change to Your Blog Theme, Can Change Your Perspective

I have read that it is a wise idea to not change your blog’s theme or design too often.  While I agree you want to be known for your blog and design as a branding technique, a change in theme, additions, or subtractions to it can make a difference to your audience as well as your own perspective.

Using a free theme is fine and I have been using one for quite some time.  However, I must admit with this new design it seems to look more professional and feel more professional.

I want to thank lawmacs for introducing me to Elegant Themes.  I knew about these themes but didn’t really look into them until he brought them to my attention.  I know many people prefer Thesis and Woo Themes, which I may consider at another time, however, for now I am pleased with this design.

Although my past theme was fair, I felt it was a little unorganized and a bit cluttered.  After I would post I would look at the result on the blog and after a while, I knew it was time for a change.  Although I have a theme from a paid  site there are many good themes I found and thought of using that could provide that professional look, a few are listed below:



Personal Homepage Theme



Elegant Grunge

If anyone has any other ideas for making a blog more professional or themes that are great let me know or comment below!

21 Replies to “A Change to Your Blog Theme, Can Change Your Perspective”

  1. LOL Keith even tho I am satisfied with this look, I am seriously thinking about Thesis, BTW love the look of your blog!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Have you ever tried the atahualpa theme? That’s what the GAB blog was using until earlier this week. I’ve now moved it all onto thesis but was very happy with atahualpa. To be honest, had it not been for wanting thesis for some other projects, I would have stuck with it.

    As an aside, the ease with which I was able to adapt thesis to fit with the current design is testament to how flexible thesis is. I’ve been very impressed with it.
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Planning the steps. Can you help? =-.

  3. Thanks Eleanor I appreciate the advice, and with all the people saying how much they like thesis I see myself heading down that road, at least to give it a whirl:)

  4. It helped that I got someone else to pay for it 😉 My other half usually rolls his eyebrows when I make mention of ‘other projects’ so I asked my dad to lend me the cash. I made the error of calling it an investment and now he actually wants a share certificate so he can donate his profits to Give A Brick!
    .-= Eleanor Edwards´s last blog ..Life Without Limbs? Life Without Limits! =-.

  5. Very very nice look, you definitely have my approval.

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said also. For this reason my new custom theme up now is simply an upgrade (albeit a big one) from my last custom theme.

    If you’re ever looking for something even easier (dare I say better) then Thesis, give Flexsqueeze a look. I purchased it along with the developer license a short time ago and have many plans for it on other blogs. 🙂
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..I am Unsubscribing From Your Blog – Again =-.

  6. Dennis although I like this theme, I have already been considering a new one, I will look into Flexsqueeze. Have you used both Flexsqueeze and Thesis and if so , do you like Flexsqueeze better?

  7. Jenny – nope never used Thesis and do not plan too. I believe they flat out lie with the “no knowledge required” garbage.

    The “hooks” alone (which amazingly I don’t see them mention anywhere) take a friggin PH.D to master. lol

    Flexsqueeze however seems almost too simple. I honestly thought I got jipped with a toy when I first loaded it into my test blog. LOL

    I was wrong, thankfully. It does seem super simple, but the options I’ve played with so far are plentiful.

    Admittedly, I have not played with it a lot, yet. I am busy building my new blog now on a custom theme I paid for long before I purchased the Flexx.

    I want to add, I was so impressed with reviews from bloggers I trust, and my own research that I outright bought the developer version for services I plan to offer in the future. 🙂
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Do You Know The REAL Difference Between Bloggers and Internet Marketers? =-.

  8. Agreed. Changing themes once in a while is good although moderation is suggested. I often do some minor changes and see how it works, specially ad placements. Once you users get to know how to navigate through your site, it is sometimes wise to not do a complete makeover. Nontheless, great tip. thumbs up.
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Another Way To Make Money Online With Mahalo =-.

  9. This best thing about your blog is that there aren’t any distracting elements that hinder the reader from reading your post through to the end. If you do decide to change your theme and sometimes change can be a good thing, remember to keep your background a light color and keep your pages clutter free.
    .-= Shirley Kelly´s last blog ..Abby Sunderland – Adventurous or Stupidity =-.

  10. Thanks my blog used to be quite a mess, so I changed to this theme, much more orderly I think! Thanks again!

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