5 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

There are numerous ways to get traffic to your blog, below are just some that have been working for me.  If you are not keeping track of your visitors you can get your free Statcounter here.

Build your email list – if you are good to your opt-in list they will want to hear from you.

Comment, Comment, Comment – by commenting on blogs that you visit you will automatically be generating traffic, not only from the blog owners but the other readers.  I find on days when I have commented more that I have almost twice the traffic.  A caution when it comes to commenting.  Don’t just throw a generic comment out there or spam the site.  Read through blog posts, if you find they benefit you comment on them and make it notable.

Use Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Put up your latest or best post for your contacts and friends to see.  I have used this method and it has really boosted my traffic and comments on my blogs

Write QUALITY content – when writing a post always focus on what your readers want, not what you want.  Do they want to hear of your adventures, be entertained, or learn some helpful internet marketing tips?  Give them what they want.

Offer Freebies – complete freebies with no opt-ins.  Once you capture a reader’s attention with a QUALITY free report or tool, they will have a better chance of being a returning visitor.

These ways have proven to be successful for me.  Remembering always that QUALITY content and Search Engine Optimization cannot be ignored.

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