A Shout Out to Some Great Male Bloggers Out There!

I wrote a post awhile back entitled “A Shout Out To Some Great Female Bloggers, and at the end of that post I mentioned I was going to go through some great male bloggers that I read next.

Due to technology issues, I have not gotten on the ball with that so I would like to now.  I have been reading a few of these bloggers for quite some time and others are new friends with great blogs that I can’t help but mention.  So on with the great male bloggers I communicate with (when I can get online) and that I read.

First and foremost I would like to mention John Sullivan creator of BloggerLuv and author of “The Best Blog in the Universe.”  John has created a great community over at BloggerLuv and you can always find good times and some great info at his blog.

Gary from Lawmacs, I have actually been reading for quite some time.  He provides great tips on blogging, making money online, social media, and much more.  I always find great bits knowledge in each one of his posts, so check him out.

Justin from DragonBlogger is another blogger that I have read for some time as well.  I have not really made my presence known on his blog, however have learned a great deal from his posts.  I would highly recommend checking out his blog to stay up to date.

Rob of Rob Sellen 🙂  is a new blogger bud of mine and I’ve read some great posts from his blog.  Rob’s blog is a cornucopia of different subjects both informative and entertaining, so I recommend popping by and checking out his blog.

Wayne of Business & Pleasure is also a newly found friend and may I say great blogger.  Wayne’s blog is very informative and he is also the author of “The Blogger’s Atlas” a free guide that covers how to blog, build traffic and make money from your blog.  Stop by his site and get yourself a copy.

And last but not least Mitch of I’m Just Sharing a blog again about numerous topics.  As his site states it is a blog about “blogging, online marketing, and other stuff” definitely must pop by and say hello to Mitch.

I know I have forgotten someone but these guys are great and have great blogs so stop by check them out and drop them a comment.:)

Browser Issues Got Me Down

I have not posted in awhile, part of the reason was that I was tending to some family things, but for the most part, it was technology that got in the way.  It is hard enough to work online and of course it makes it extremely difficult/impossible to continue to work online when getting online isn’t in the cards.

My main issue, which was a big one, was not being able to connect to the internet, not due to my ISP but due to my browser.  I use Mozilla Firefox and it was not opening even though it was still running in the background.  When I finally was able to connect, I downloaded the Safari and Opera browsers but neither of those seemed to work either.

Using a different computer, I spent much of my time online geeking out trying to find out the answer and I still have not.

I am connected now with Mozilla and still don’t know how I got here.  Either I fixed it or Mozilla was having problems.  I still have no idea why Safari and Opera will not connect, but Mozilla seems to be running now and I hope it continues to work.

Due to these issues I pose a question to any readers out there.  Have any of you had trouble with Mozilla Firefox and also, what browser are you using?