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Eyetracking And Your Blog

Awhile back I received an email from one of the many newsletters I subscribe to that actually had a very interesting study in it.  If I could remember the person who sent it to me I would give them credit for introducing the study to me but unfortunately I do not recall it. The study […]


A Change to Your Blog Theme, Can Change Your Perspective

I have read that it is a wise idea to not change your blog’s theme or design too often.  While I agree you want to be known for your blog and design as a branding technique, a change in theme, additions, or subtractions to it can make a difference to your audience as well as […]


Dial Up Internet – Humor For Humpday!

Awwww, Remember Dial Up…………..


Study On Posting Anxiety – I’ve Got It

I’ve got Posting Anxiety.  It has been so long since I have posted consecutively that I believe I am suffering from posting anxiety.  I have written several posts and really have published none of what I have written.  Why?  Well I believe it has something to do with posting anxiety. I re-read what I have […]


You Get Sick Your Blog Get’s Sick

In case you haven’t noticed, I have not posted in awhile; I have been down with the sickness, big time.  I am feeling better now and finally got back on the computer and into the blogosphere and then……….. I took a look at my stats.  Boy, if I wasn’t sick enough before after taking a […]

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