Membership Site Mastermind is live

Yaro Starak just opened his Membership Site Mastermind training program for the last time in 2009. The doors will close on Friday at midnight.  You can join right now at this page (WARNING: it’s a lengthy page, so watch the video instead if you don’t like reading)

There was quite a build up to this opening. Yaro’s report, the Masterplan, was hugely popular and received a lot of great feedback.

Then Yaro hit us with two amazing videos, one explaining his powerful yet simple survey technique that you can use to find out exactly what your people will buy from you.

The second video showed you that it is possible to start building an Internet business in niches that are not about money, by looking at two casestudies in two very unique niches (acne treatment and magic illusions).

If you found the Masterplan helpful and the stories of other people enjoying success, people who started off with no Internet business experience, then Yaro’s coaching course is for you.

You even get direct access to Yaro with live coaching calls, so if you want to work with this guru of Internet marketing and get personal support, this is a brilliant opportunity.


Yaro’s offering an incredible bonus PACK if you join his program within 24 hours of it opening.

There are five bonuses, including –

* Two live workshop presentation recordings from Yaro (he rarely speaks on stage, so this is unique content from his latest talks in 2009)

* A series of 13 videos of Yaro revealing his techniques to build a successful and profitable blog (this is really comprehensive stuff!)

* An interview and coaching call discussion with Gideon Shalwick on how to create video using a basic PC or Mac computer

* A detailed discussion of advanced conversion tactics with Will Swayne, the man who helped Yaro sell more of his products in 2008

You can see the full list of what is inside the mega bonus pack here.

REMEMBER: You only qualify for these bonuses if you join Membership Site Mastermind within 24 hours of it opening, so you need to be quick!

If you’re not sure whether Membership Site Mastermind is right for you, go read the details on the order page.

The video on the order page will teach you a lot about how to make money by selling your own product so even if you have no intentions of joining his program go check out the video simply for the education .