How To Backup Your Blog

If you have ever had your site go down you know the extreme panic that rushes through you.  My blog went down a couple days ago and I was not a happy camper.

Having a way to backup you posts is extremely important.  If you do not have a backup and something occurs all of your work is gone. Of course if you have saved all your posts you can always go back and copy and paste your blog back into existence, by why do all that work when there are other alternatives?

If you have your own hosting, you can go into your hosting panel and backing up your site from there.  Doing this before making any massive changes is very easy and can save you loads of time in blog recreation.

However, you probably do not want or have the time to go into your hosting cpanel daily and backup every time you make a post.  So here are some alternatives.

If you have your own hosting and have a wordpress blog I highly recommend WP-DB- Backup.  It is a plugin that you can schedule to back up your blog.  You can schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  You can even have the backup delivered to your email.

If you have a blogger blog you can backup your posts with blogger backup.  Blogger backup allows you to backup posts and comments from your blogger blog.  You select the blog you want to back up and how many posts you want to save.

There are other backup options out there which you can find with a simple search.  I would recommend doing this if you do not have a backup system in place you may want to jump on it now and put your mind at ease.

What Is A JV Giveaway?

jv giveaways

You may have heard or seen numerous JV giveaways going on and may wonder… what the heck are they?

JV stands for joint venture.  A JV giveaway is when marketers join together to give away free products.  The marketers that give away these products are also known as contributors.

During what is known as the pre-launch, contributors sign up, most of the time for free, to list their product.  Depending on the JV giveaway, contributors can sign up anytime during its duration.

The contributors can list their products, which could be ebooks, courses, or any digital download depending on the giveaway.  After the pre-launch phase, and many time during the pre-launch phase, members can sign up and download the free products or free gifts.

Marketers do this to build their opt-in list.  The members who sign up for the JV can download the product or products they choose after filling out a submit form and opting in to the particular product contributors list.

JV giveaways are good for both the contributor and the member.  For the contributor they get to build their opt-in list by giving away free products.  For the member they get free informational products which they more then likely would have to pay for if they did not find the right place to purchase them.

There are JV giveaways that are going on constantly, therefore, if you are ever looking for a particular product you just need to do a search for JV giveaways.  For individuals looking to build a list you can simply do the same search and find many giveaways to participate in.

Currently, there is one great JV giveaway going on that I recommend.  It is called Social Marketing Gifts.  It launches on 7/7/2009, however if you are a contributor and want to build an optin list you sign up here for free.