Learning Strategies Money Mindfest – Free Event

Learning Strategies Money MindfestThe Learning Strategies Money Mindfest 2017 is a free event.  With some of the top experts in manifesting and creating money you will learn what maybe holding you back.  This may seem like an odd topic for this blog, however as I have mentioned in the past mindset and money go hand in hand.

If you are in business especially an online business you need to have your thoughts in order. That does not just mean understanding the latest methods and strategies of making money online, it goes much deeper than that. When you do not have the right mindset or guidance your abundance can lack or be misused.

The Learning Strategies Money Mindfest has 10 of the best speakers that know how to make money.  Not just earning a living, but having the right mindset. They are resourceful, they do not let their emotions get in the way, and they understand the true value.  This lineup of speakers include:

  • Christy Whitman
  • Pamela Yellen
  • Joe Vitale
  • Ann Wilson
  • Charles Richards
  • Ellen Rogin
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Marcia Manchester and Charla Aylsworth
  • Harv Eker
  • Lynne Twist

What is the Learning Strategies Money Mindfest?

It is a one week event hosted by Pete Bissonette, president of Learning Strategies.  During this week he drills these speakers to get the best of best information from these top financial experts.  Topics each day include:

  1. Unlimited Abundance
  2. Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Own Financial Future
  3. A Manifesto for the Spiritual Wealth Movement
  4. Recipes to Make Your Money Work Hard, So You Don’t Have To
  5. Understand Your Relationship with Money and Achieve Prosperity
  6. Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality
  7. Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today
  8. Simple Formula to Wealth and Peace of Mind
  9. Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
  10. Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources

For these experts money is not an issues, they have it, they do not worry about where it is coming from, and they know they will always have a flow of it.  When you are struggling with your abundance it can be hard to understand this way of thinking.  For that reason this mindfest like many of the Learning Strategies Fests is free.

For a complete 7 days you can listen to each one of these individuals share their knowledge on money and wealth for free.  This is your chance to actually know what the top knows. Learn the techniques and strategies they use. Use this information and apply it to your own business or financial situation.

As an added perk as soon as you register for this event you can watch a quick video that shows you how to win $50,000. This is not a raffle, it is an actual way to learn how to use what you already have to make this much.  To learn more or to attend the Learning Strategies Money Mindfest and listen 10 sessions full to help you with your abundance you can go here.

Brain A Thon Webinar Review – Why Attend

brain a thon webinar reviewIn this Brain A Thon Webinar Review I will a bit about the agenda.  It puzzles me why one would need a review because the event is free.  None the less in this article I will cover a bit about the upcoming event and why if you are in business you may want to attend it.

Many years ago I started working online and quite unsuccessfully I might add.   Today I make a full time income online and each month it continues to grow. I knew absolutely nothing about the online world or website development. I hit ever bump in the road you can imagine and then something changed. My mindset.

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My mindset was one of lack and desperation.  Every time I failed I felt just like I did when I was young. It’s like all the stuff that happened to me when I was a child resurfaced, including my beliefs about money. Now you may think that brain training for success has nothing to do with making money online but in my opinion that cannot be further from the truth.

Brain A Thon Webinar Review

With all the  reviews it may seem like fluff, but here is the truth.  When you take the time to learn how retrain your brain success comes much easier.  If you:

  • In a state of financial desperation
  • Have been in business for some time with little to no success
  • Have difficulty with relationships
  • Have addictions
  • Suffer from low self-esteem and lack self confidence

If any apply to you or any other negative thought patterns it is time to check your mindset.  The successful have a way of thinking.  It goes beyond work hard and you will win. It is a way of thinking that is free from emotional barriers and bad thought patterns.

Neuroscientists, psychologists, and others are well aware of this fact. Today the area of neuroscience is also aware that there is a way to remedy this. John Assaraf has gathered together some of the top in these fields for the 5th annual Brainathon.

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Why Attend?

This event is free of charge and can be attended online.   During this webcast you will not only learn why these thought patterns are present but how you can change them.  Mindset and money go hand in hand and this panel of speakers will share with you are you can rewire your thinking to achieve what you desire.

While there is a heavy focus on monetary success during this event there is more to it.  You will learn that techniques that help all areas of your life. Areas such as relationships, work, health, and even your weight.  Yes your mindset can keep you overweight.

Now I understand that this is not one of full Brain A Thon Webinar Review you may have been looking for.  However I am living proof that your brain is part of success or lack of it.  The Brain a Thon live is free and if you really want success you will dedicate the time to attend it.

I will be attending it again because each time you get a new nugget of information and something you can apply to your life immediately.  After you attend I would love to hear what you thought of it so leave me a comment or drop me a message.